Ultimate Myers – 250ml

INGREDIENTS: Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium, B Complex, B12, Zinc, Selenium

Do you want an all inclusive drip? Well here it is and we’re not holding anything back. As the years have gone on, we’ve been getting more and more calls asking for “The best we’ve got.” Well, here it is! The Ultimate Myers’ Cocktail is a higher dose package than we’ve ever offered before. Regardless of your symptoms, this package will provide a blast of fluids, antioxidants, and vitamins your body may be deprived of. The Ultimate Myer’s Cocktail is built from the Myers’ Cocktail IV therapy giving you the best of everything we have to offer. Our best selling IV therapy package is exclusively developed to take care of all your hydration needs. Choose from a large 500ml bag or small 250ml bag.